Are you willing to get dirty? That's the question I ask often during boudoir & beauty sessions, specifically outdoor sessions. One thing I love about my clients, they always say yes! No matter where I ask them to sit, stand, pose, etc., they're always up for it! I know in their minds they must be thinking I'm crazy. Why on earth would anyone want their portrait taken here? How is this going to look good? The list of doubts may be unending, but I wouldn't know it. My clients are pretty fucking fearless, & I love them for it. They trust me. 

& there's a reason you should trust your photographer. They are documenting more than your physical body, a true portrait represents all parts of you; body, mind, & soul. An added bonus? If your session is outside, you're probably going to end up in an area that isn't so pretty, or maybe even ugly. I promise, it's worth it. Lighting, posing, & a bit of polish can turn the ordinary into something gorgeous. When you hire a photographer, you're hiring them for their vision; there's a difference between what a non-photog sees versus what I see; & the proof is below. 


I send this image to every client who tells me that they would like to shoot in or around their own home, but it just isn't pretty enough. Honey, YOU are the pretty part. There's something so perfect about a gorgeous gal in the middle of the ordinary. Outdoor boudoir will never be in studio boudoir, that's what I love about it! No other woman will EVER have a photo like this, the pose & location belong solely to Ms. A.


The images on the left are taken with the same camera in Auto Mode. That's the mode Uncle Joe uses at the family BBQ, & there's nothing wrong with that; auto is perfect for taking pictures. But a photographer doesn't take pictures, they create them. By having full control of my camera & a well trained eye, I can see things differently. Just like a stylist can create a gorgeous haircut out of my untamed head of hair, all professionals know the steps to get from A to Z. In this case, Z being a kick ass portrait.


Who knew an ugly, dark corridor at a random apartment complex could be so sexy? It's not about the location, it's about the mood. I love how the light skims over Ms. A's body before falling off as the eye follows the tunnel. In this case the darkness actually makes the photo better, use that tip for your next selfie & let me know how it turns out! For real, tag me on Insta or something

I love outdoor sessions for multiple reasons; they challenge me as a creative, they provide backdrops that would never happen in studio, they offer gorgeous sunsets & lens flares that add a soft feel to any image. My favorite thing about on location shoots? Showing the images to my client, because she never dreamed she could look that good in that setting. I am quick to point out that it's not the place, it's the person. Girl, you look that good all the time. You're a queen & you turn everywhere you set foot into your kingdom.