Hey there Sexy Ones! Happy Monday! 

Today I want to share with you one of my absolute favourite little accessories for Raw Sessions and beauty in general - the fabulous false lash!

These babies have comes a LONG way in recent years, with quality falsies being readily accessible and easily applied.  You can snap them up almost anywhere from the Department store to the Pharmacy and beyond... However, I do always recommend unless you wear them and apply them yourself on a regular basis, these babies are best left to the professionals.

Your Makeup artist knows the best shape and length for your eye, and will apply them perfectly to fit just right and outlast your Raw session without any risk of a fashion faux-pas!  Your Makeup artist may supply lashes or allow you to supply your own, so make sure you chat about lashes when you book your appointment!

But the big deal with false lashes is, they can take you from Everyday to Glam in minutes, they absolutely make all the difference to your overall look for your session and make your eyes just pop.  

If you're going to get sexy, you may as well take it all the way, right ladies?

Some of my personal favourite lashes are "WESTSIDE" Mink Lashes. The original, cruelty-free premium mink lashes! (Pictured Below Left) which you can grab at

Not sure which makeup artist to book for your Raw session? 

I have a couple of favourites