When we think about getting ready for our Boudoir sessions, we think of the obvious things like tanning, waxing, making sure our hair and makeup are flawless but there are a few little tips that I will share to help you be camera-ready-model-perfection!

I will touch up anything impermanent such as the odd imperfection, bump, scratch or bruise on the skin etc. however, it's best that we try to get you looking a million dollars in real life!



Guys, let me tell you, I LOVE to get in close and capture photos of your big masculine hands on her booty, or tangled in her hair... so, best keep those hands and nails clean and tidy!  Ladies, this is a perfect excuse for a manicure, or at the very least, just make sure your nails are super tidy and no chipped polish - if colour isn't your thing, a quick buff and polish a perfect no-fuss solution for both guys and girls!



Keep that skin super moisturised leading up to your session. If you're tanning, call your technician and discuss your needs with them when booking - tell them the date of your shoot and ask them how much time you will need to have your tan be settled and at it's absolute best!  Steer clear of tanning if it's not something you have done before - this isn't the time to risk adopting a new orange glow, so grab a test run ahead of time if needed, or just come Au Naturale!  Double check with your technician also about how long you should leave between hair removal and tanning to avoid your tan showing up your pores.  

Arm pits in particular can come up quite dark and spotty in camera, so ensure you moisturise here to soften the skin.  

Avoid self tanners if possible as these can bleed onto lingerie, sheets and collect in areas of the skin like armpits and darken elbows and knees and produce a really inconsistent look in the photos that is really difficult to fix in post production.



Okay, Ladies you're going to be in your sexiest little lingerie, so needless to say you are going to want to be groomed to absolute perfection and this of course means hair removal.  If waxing or shaving, just ensure you give yourself enough time to lose any redness, spots or inflammation before the session.  

Guys - same goes for you - if you wax your chest or back, make sure your skin is settled and looking perfect before the session!

Be prepared for anything - some clients come in with intentions to just do lingerie shots and end up feeling more confident than they expected (YAY!) So, make sure you're not hindered by forgetting to wax the bikini area, just in case!