I often receive inquiries, or hear statements that go a little bit like this...

"I love your work, but my house isn't sexy, and I am not confident to do this outdoors"

No Excuses Baby!  

In fact, I have got something that is going to turn your perspective right around and take your whole Raw experience to the next level.

While a Raw session can take place just about anywhere with enough light, I know that feeling like you're in a really sexy location can really help you relax and let that sexy flow!  And let's be honest, not worrying about your mother or your postman turning up on your doorstep unannounced mid-shoot is a bit of a bonus!

It's no secret that I love to shoot outdoors, but it's not for everyone and of course you don't want to book that same motel as Sally next door did, because you want your session to be as unique as you are!

Enter the not-so-humble, as-unique-as-you, stylin' AirB&B!

Who'd have thought it would be so easy to find a New York inspired apartment, a grungy loft, or a rooftop overlooking the city skyline for less than a motel suite?  This might just be the perfect final touch to your Raw session... Think of all the possibilities!

Each week I will share with you some super stylish properties available via AirB&B in the Melbourne area that I have fallen head over heels in love with! 


This New York style loft is located right in Richmond, Melbourne.  With dreamy endless light and several areas to shoot within the space it would make a perfect location for a solo or couples session!  Shooting within a space like this also gives you the comforts of home with a functioning kitchen, bathroom as well as the endless options for posing as we move from bed, to couch, to floor, to window!

So, why not book an OH-SO-FABULOUS unique location and take your whole Raw experience to a new level and stay the night? 

Hair and Makeup, a sexy boudoir session followed by a night in a stylin' apartment, what more could you want?

Ready to book?