Queue the dramatic cat eyes!  This week is all about sexy, winged liner!

Take those peeps from subtle to erotic and exotic in one perfect sweep.  I am personally a massive fan of winged liner and have worn it for years, so it was only a matter of time before this trend landed on the blog... but it just so happens to be one of the hottest trends in sexy/night time makeup right now and when we think about makeup for Boudoir photographs, we do want to err on the heavy side of S E X Y !

The great thing about thick, dramatic liner is that it suits every shape and colour eye, making it perfect for every ethnicity.  You can keep your shadow subtle and let your liner do the talking, or use it as the base for a super smokey look.  

Either way it will make your eyes pop and ready to seduce!

Your Makeup artist will know exactly how to apply the perfect liner for your shape, so that you will be ready for your Raw Boudoir Session so make sure you let them know the look you're after when you book!

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What is sexy to you is such a personal thing.  From leather, buckles and Burlesque through to classic elegant lace, it all has a place here at Raw Boudoir.  Selecting what to wear for your session is about what makes YOU feel empowered, sexy and courageous!  Why not mix it up a little with some from column A and a little from Column B?  You have the opportunity for various wardrobe changes throughout your shoot to give your photos a more diverse feel.

This week I have selected some really beautiful, elegant pieces from the always amazing Honey Birdette.  From beautiful Bra and panty sets, to lace robes and bodysuits, there are endless styles for the classic lace lover!

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Hey there Sexy Ones! Happy Monday! 

Today I want to share with you one of my absolute favourite little accessories for Raw Sessions and beauty in general - the fabulous false lash!

These babies have comes a LONG way in recent years, with quality falsies being readily accessible and easily applied.  You can snap them up almost anywhere from the Department store to the Pharmacy and beyond... However, I do always recommend unless you wear them and apply them yourself on a regular basis, these babies are best left to the professionals.

Your Makeup artist knows the best shape and length for your eye, and will apply them perfectly to fit just right and outlast your Raw session without any risk of a fashion faux-pas!  Your Makeup artist may supply lashes or allow you to supply your own, so make sure you chat about lashes when you book your appointment!

But the big deal with false lashes is, they can take you from Everyday to Glam in minutes, they absolutely make all the difference to your overall look for your session and make your eyes just pop.  

If you're going to get sexy, you may as well take it all the way, right ladies?

Some of my personal favourite lashes are "WESTSIDE" Mink Lashes. The original, cruelty-free premium mink lashes! (Pictured Below Left) which you can grab at

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When we think about getting ready for our Boudoir sessions, we think of the obvious things like tanning, waxing, making sure our hair and makeup are flawless but there are a few little tips that I will share to help you be camera-ready-model-perfection!

I will touch up anything impermanent such as the odd imperfection, bump, scratch or bruise on the skin etc. however, it's best that we try to get you looking a million dollars in real life!



Guys, let me tell you, I LOVE to get in close and capture photos of your big masculine hands on her booty, or tangled in her hair... so, best keep those hands and nails clean and tidy!  Ladies, this is a perfect excuse for a manicure, or at the very least, just make sure your nails are super tidy and no chipped polish - if colour isn't your thing, a quick buff and polish a perfect no-fuss solution for both guys and girls!



Keep that skin super moisturised leading up to your session. If you're tanning, call your technician and discuss your needs with them when booking - tell them the date of your shoot and ask them how much time you will need to have your tan be settled and at it's absolute best!  Steer clear of tanning if it's not something you have done before - this isn't the time to risk adopting a new orange glow, so grab a test run ahead of time if needed, or just come Au Naturale!  Double check with your technician also about how long you should leave between hair removal and tanning to avoid your tan showing up your pores.  

Arm pits in particular can come up quite dark and spotty in camera, so ensure you moisturise here to soften the skin.  

Avoid self tanners if possible as these can bleed onto lingerie, sheets and collect in areas of the skin like armpits and darken elbows and knees and produce a really inconsistent look in the photos that is really difficult to fix in post production.



Okay, Ladies you're going to be in your sexiest little lingerie, so needless to say you are going to want to be groomed to absolute perfection and this of course means hair removal.  If waxing or shaving, just ensure you give yourself enough time to lose any redness, spots or inflammation before the session.  

Guys - same goes for you - if you wax your chest or back, make sure your skin is settled and looking perfect before the session!

Be prepared for anything - some clients come in with intentions to just do lingerie shots and end up feeling more confident than they expected (YAY!) So, make sure you're not hindered by forgetting to wax the bikini area, just in case! 



This weeks featured lingerie is of course that of the ever-perfect, always on trend Victoria's Secret, with a focus on intricate lace with a little edge, in classic nudes and black.

I have chosen pieces that can be as feminine and sophisticated or as raw and edgy as you are, depending on the level of fire YOU add! 

Aren't these pieces just STUNNING?!

(Images property of Victoria's Secret)


Happy Monday Guys + Dolls!  I hope your week is off to a fab start.

This weeks makeup look is all about BOLD glossy lips with fleshy, nude tones on eyes and cheeks.  I have selected a few gorgeous subtle looks with 100% focus on those beautiful bold lip colours that just scream sex appeal and let your lips so all the talking!

The trick to this classic femme fatale look is to keep the rest of the face toned down, make your lashes pop and play up those lips with vibrant colours and slick gloss!


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I often receive inquiries, or hear statements that go a little bit like this...

"I love your work, but my house isn't sexy, and I am not confident to do this outdoors"

No Excuses Baby!  

In fact, I have got something that is going to turn your perspective right around and take your whole Raw experience to the next level.

While a Raw session can take place just about anywhere with enough light, I know that feeling like you're in a really sexy location can really help you relax and let that sexy flow!  And let's be honest, not worrying about your mother or your postman turning up on your doorstep unannounced mid-shoot is a bit of a bonus!

It's no secret that I love to shoot outdoors, but it's not for everyone and of course you don't want to book that same motel as Sally next door did, because you want your session to be as unique as you are!

Enter the not-so-humble, as-unique-as-you, stylin' AirB&B!

Who'd have thought it would be so easy to find a New York inspired apartment, a grungy loft, or a rooftop overlooking the city skyline for less than a motel suite?  This might just be the perfect final touch to your Raw session... Think of all the possibilities!

Each week I will share with you some super stylish properties available via AirB&B in the Melbourne area that I have fallen head over heels in love with! 


This New York style loft is located right in Richmond, Melbourne.  With dreamy endless light and several areas to shoot within the space it would make a perfect location for a solo or couples session!  Shooting within a space like this also gives you the comforts of home with a functioning kitchen, bathroom as well as the endless options for posing as we move from bed, to couch, to floor, to window!

So, why not book an OH-SO-FABULOUS unique location and take your whole Raw experience to a new level and stay the night? 

Hair and Makeup, a sexy boudoir session followed by a night in a stylin' apartment, what more could you want?

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