Hi there!  I am Hayley, and you will find me hiding comfortably behind the lens at Raw Boudoir!

I am located in Phillip Island, Victoria - But regularly shoot Raw sessions in Melbourne, across the Bass Coast/Gippsland area and I LOVE to travel, so location isn't an issue, I will come to wherever you are! 


My passion for intimate, boudoir style photography has grown from my fascination with human connection and a longing to empower people to feel perfect within their skin.  I am a people watcher, an observer.  I love the way the truth of who someone is begins to unfold when they make themselves entirely vulnerable, to themselves, to others.  

I crave to capture raw connection - with individuals, between couples. I want to show you just how beautiful and amazing you are through my eyes when everything else is stripped away. 





Ladies Only!  For such a long time I have been passionate about teaching women to love themselves just as they are, to see themselves the way I see them - strong, courageous, magical beings cast in a unique mould unlike any other.  It is my goal to reach each and every woman in front of my lens on a deep level, to create trust and allow her to be vulnerable, to show her just how fierce and beautiful, courageous and gentle, strong and feminine she is.

Your Femme Boudoir session can take place within your own home, or outdoors in a private location.  


Solo Female sessions will be phased out at the end of December 2017, so ensure you book now!




Male Boudoir, or Dudeoir as it is coined, is becoming increasingly popular.  Whether you're wanting to celebrate your own awesomeness, document your fitness, or thinking about surprising someone special with your photos, I can cater a Raw Session to your needs.  With a focus on masculinity and the male form, you'll be setting hearts racing with what we capture!




There is something so incredible about the way two people connect, the magnetic pull between two bodies, the way they intertwine in every way.  My passion is in saving those silent moments, the knowing that exists between two people who are connected on a soul level, the fire, the sensuality, an intimacy so tangible it is visible to the naked eye.  Your couples session will be as sensual, as elegant or as filled to the brim with fire as you are!  It is all about WHO you are, and HOW you are together!

Your Couples Boudoir session can take place within your own home or outdoors in a private location.